City State Boxes Continued… Suggestions for use :)

Lake Lure, North Carolina City State Art Box 11″ x 14″

So you know that place you wish you were most of the year, but you only get to go for a brief week during the summer? My City State  Series serves as a great reminder of those special places where you get away from your own personal rat race. If you have the good fortune to own a place in a distant locale, maybe a lake house even, you are going to need art, and what’s better than art personalized for your favorite location? Maybe you are going to one day have that place of your own on the shores of your current fave vacation spot. Motivation you can hang on your wall!

It doesn’t have to be a town or city, it can be an attraction, a park or whatever your heart desires. I won’t tell.

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New Series! City State Art Boxes

NYC City State Art Box 11″ x 14″

Inspired by vintage road signs one might see upon entering a city, and my kitchen blackboard, I continue a focus on “place” with my new series City State Art Boxes. One of the things a I like about this series is the array of things a pice from the series can signify to different people: Where they are from, where they are now or where the want to be.

These can be used as a gift for a friend who is moving to remind them of their time in your town or city, or a gift that shows the depth to which you understand your friend’s love for a particular place, or just show your own connection with your own hometown or that place you are going to live one day. I’ll have more ideas in my next few posts.

You can specify any town in any US state, and variation on the states are coming that include places outside the US.

Boxes are 11″ x 14″, $65 each and, like all my work, each one is made specifically for the customer purchasing it. Signed and dated on the back.

New Series! City State and Town and Country Art Boxes! Daredevils! Science!

New Orleans City State Art Box 11″ x 14″

I have always had a sense of place as an underlying theme in much of my art. Maybe this comes from photography, as my scenic photography was always at it’s most simple a record of the places I love.

I began making art that focused on cities and then neighborhoods a long time ago. Where one comes from and where one went from there and where one currently lives are huge parts of one’s personality and life. And the names for these places are so interesting to me. So using the names in my art was a pretty quick decision.

What’s not quick for me usually, is the process from idea to execution. The designer in me fights with the artist in me to create the simplest result from every idea, whether complex or simple to begin with. Often, what I imagine will look good does not, so I have to let new series ideas sit until I develop new styles that fit, or until the scope of the series becomes clear to me. With the day to day of making your living as a working artist, often I just don’t have time to much other than ship orders or optimize listings for maximum exposure.

So I am excited to bring some new work to the world wide web! These series have been percolating for 3 years or more, and I think they are ready for public consumption. I will post each as a separate post over the next few days (as I am wont to write small novels for each) to make the stories behind them more digestible! 🙂

First up will be my new City State Art Boxes!