Getting fresh with new art…

Set of 5 Freshwater Fish Sticks


So it’s been 7 years now since I started drawing fish. Always with the intent of including freshwater fish in the mix. For some reason, I did nothing but saltwater fish for those 7 years, but I have begun the process of erasing the deficit of freshwater fish in the series.

I now have 14 new images in the fish series, with quite a few more in progress. Hopefully I won’t go so long between new fish next time 🙂

You can see all the new fish here.


Town and Country: Where’s the Wedding?

Esperanza, Mexico Town and Country Art Box

Photos of your destination wedding are great, but they sit in an album most of the time. My Town and Country Art Block serves as a little reminder of your special day in a special place. It sits or hangs right out where you can see it and be reminded on a daily basis of where you took that big step toward spending the rest of your life together. You can request any city, state, town or country.

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