BROOKLYN NYC 30 x 8 recycled wooden sign by WilliamDohman

Love this sign. Plus, he quotes one of my favorite Avett Bros. songs in the description.

BROOKLYN NYC 30 x 8 recycled wooden sign by WilliamDohman on Etsy.


3 DAYS ONLY! “New Black Friday” Sale

Is Oct. 29th the new Black Friday? I don’t know, but big retailers are having sales today. So… I am not a big retailer, but it has been a while since my last sale event, so I figured, why not? I like to give a good deal to you folks who help me make my living from my art.

Here’s the deal: 10/29/10 through 10/31/10 – Everything in the store is on sale for 30% off normal price. Discount has already been calculated and the price in the listing is what you pay.

Check out those prices! Really?



Art jewelry & more by John W Golden Digital Artist by johnwgolden.

Motoretta Art Block 3 in x 3 in

Making one of these right now! These little 3″x3″ blocks are perfect for that little spot that needs a bit of interest. With the holiday season approaching, these small blocks can fill that need for a meaningful gift under $15.

Pssttt! I’ve got some smaller blocks (1.5″ x 1.5″) coming soon that will be under the $10 gift limit with shipping. The series will be called PiccoloBlocco, and will draw from all of my print series.

Motoretta Art Block 3 in x 3 in by johnwgolden on Etsy.