That whole hernia thing was getting old…

The big news around here lately was that 7 days ago, I had double hernia repair surgery. I had one of my hernias for about 7 years, so I thought I had gotten pretty use to living with physical pain. The reality: Not so much.

I often think that I wish I had time to just sit around once in a while. I know now that I cannot stand sitting or laying around for any extended length of time. Around day 2 or 3 of recovery, I started to get a little grumpy. TV and DVDs lost their appeal. I could do about 2 hours of work before getting fatigued. My wife shouldered this all with a smile and has taken excellent care of me.

Good news is that I am able to put a full day in again, so anyone waiting on an order should not have to wait much longer.

Thanks to everyone for their support and patience!