New Item! Set of 4 Rocket Mini Art Blocks

I have so much artwork that I have yet to get on to blocks! These rocket blocks were created around the same time as my Mini Flock Block, but it’s taken be a bit of time to get a set of blocks together.

My Rocket Series of illustrations on small wooden blocks. This cute
little set of blocks will sit on a mantle, a window sill, a bookshelf or
just about anywhere for a sweet little piece of art. Each block is
designed to sit, not hang.

Each Birch Ply block measures 4″ wide by 1 1/2″ tall by 3/4″ deep.


My approach to Etsy – 8400 sales later

Lately I have been answering questions over on the Etsy Handmadeology Team about how I manage and market my Etsy art shop.

It has been great to break down my own process in order to be able to explain it to others. As much as what I am saying over there may help others, it’s helping me understand what I’m doing and helping me identify what’s working and what’s not.

With the idea being that putting this knowledge to use to help others is best served by getting this info in front of the most people possible, I’m excited to announce that is picking one topic each week (from the discussions) to feature as a column called The Breakdown with John W. Golden.

I’m answering any and all questions, and who knows, yours might get chosen for The Breakdown πŸ™‚

New art blocks available! Go Ask Your Father and Go Ask Your Mother

I’ve updated the colors used on two of my oldest By Order of The Management Signs to better match the series. Go Ask Your Mother and Go Ask Your Father always got a pretty good chuckle from folks, but they were in some pretty “unique” color schemes. I’m also introducing a new block size with this set, that I will eventually roll out to the rest of the series. These art blocks are also available as singles. As Mother’s Day Gifts and Father’s Day Gifts go, I like to think these two are pretty memorable πŸ™‚ To receive these by Mother’s Day 2011 in the US, please order by April 30th, 2011. If you want these for Mothering Sunday 2011 in the UK, you should order by March 12th, 2011.