Preview of Wednesday’s Foundary Robot Art Sale!!

So here’s the deal: Lots of my robot blocks will be up for sale on Wednesday. Not only does the Foundary offer a great deal on items they sell, but you can get credits by if you invite friends to join and and the join and take advantage of the deals. Follow links on the site if you want to invite friends to sign up for their daily e-mail deals (it’s kinda like groupon, but more focused on awesome homegoods).

I’m going to have 15 different art blocks or block sets available. Each block or set will have a qty available of 25. At 11:00am Wednesday, 500,000+ Foundary members will get an e-mail with the blocks in it. That’s only 375 Blocks/sets available for 500,000 potential customers. In other words, act fast if you want some blocks 🙂

A cool thing about this sale is that some of the blocks available have not yet been available on the other outlets for my work. Also, my publisher (the folks that help me get my work out to a much wider audience than I could easily do myself) is kicking in for the sale with some canvas prints and paper prints of some of my robot work too.

Here’s what I will have available (don’t know the prices yet, but it’s always a great deal):

Boris Medium Triptych. Bigger than the other triptychs I have been selling!
Doreen Medium Triptych
Mini Rocket Set of Four Blocks
Robots Set of Three Number Two 4″ x 5″ Art Blocks
Robots Set of Three Number One 4″ x5″ Art Blocks
Rayguns Set of Four 4″ x 5″
Rocket Racers Set of Two 4″ x 5″
Quelstar Set of Four art Boxes 4″ x 4″
Quelstar Set of Four Art Blocks 4″ x 6″
Minibots Set of Three Number Two
Minibots Set of Three Number One – 4″ x 4″ Blocks
Ted Medium Triptych
Stan Jr. Medium Triptych
Oscar Medium Triptych
Lois Medium Triptych