Inspired by Old Signs Again – The Available Here Series

Those of you of a certain age will remember seeing the word Sundries on the side of drugstores and Five and Dimes. I remember the moment I first noticed the word and asked and learned what it meant. It’s definitely one of those words that speaks to me of another time and place.

Years later, I came across an old sign hanging in a general store that listed some of the many things “Available Here”. I thought it quaint how words like Toothpastes were pluralized, and that put me in mind of another earlier time when things were made by hand by single-makers. I don’t remember any of the other words that were on that original late 1800s-era sign, but the seed of inspiration for a new, more subtle option for suggesting optimum use of the family bathroom was planted.

Source: Available Here Bathroom Sign Bathroom Decor Wall by johnwgolden

New work from a new series! Blowfish Print!

This Blowfish Art block is a lovely little piece of coastal beach decor that will give your room a little touch of the seaside. Part of a new series of sea life and other coastal critters, it is available as a 4″ x 4″ art block, a 12″ x 12″ Art Box, or a 24″ x 24″ Art Box.

Source: Blowfish Art Block Coastal Decor Beach Art Blowfish by johnwgolden

Year 10 on Etsy begins!


Tomorrow, July 24th, will mark the start of my 10th year selling on Etsy. It’s a good little milestone and a lot of work has passed through the studio in that time. Lots of new stuff will come to fruition in the coming months, some of it starting Monday. Watch this space for some big news Monday morning!