Year 10 on Etsy begins!


Tomorrow, July 24th, will mark the start of my 10th year selling on Etsy. It’s a good little milestone and a lot of work has passed through the studio in that time. Lots of new stuff will come to fruition in the coming months, some of it starting Monday. Watch this space for some big news Monday morning!

Springtime means a chance to save on my work! Use these Etsy Coupon Codes

Sunshine State Moniker Print

Hey gang! Hope your having a good Spring so far. I am having a Spring Sale in my Etsy shop. You can get $10 off of orders over $4o with the code TENOFF40 or you can get $20 off of orders over $80 with the code TWENTYOFF80 for a limited time. Sale will end without notice.

I am slowly adding new pieces to my State Moniker series. I can make a print with your state nickname too!

Florida Art State Map Print 11 x 14 Florida Map Art by johnwgolden.

Summer is Ending! So is The Great Summer Sale of 2014!

Like Two Fireflies

It has been an incredibly busy summer! New work and my annual 20% off sale event has meant very high order volume.

I added a new series featuring very simple graphic representations of fireflies, stars, oceans, etc. and I am very happy to see these connecting with a lot of folks. I added sentiments to each that really seem to have found kindred spirits out there on the internet.

But now summer is ending, as is my annual sale. Sale will end 9/2/14, and there will be no more sales until sometime next summer. It’s a great time to pick up some of my work and save some money in the process.

Art Prints Art Blocks Art for Kids & Wall Decor by johnwgolden.