I Was a 5th Grade Diorama Champion (but I was no Lori Nix)

Laundromat at Night, ©2008 Lori Nix

Way back in the 1970s, with a shoebox, some modeling clay, an intense interest in Greek Mythology and a tiny plastic figure of a Spartan on a horse I created greatness. I remember there was a tree in there, too. It was displayed in the school library, as part of a competition, and I won my grade. It was right around the time that I started creating artwork and offering it for sale, so surely this early success was an integral part  of my artistic development, right?

Who knows :). I look back now and recall that my diorama conveyed no real story or action. The Spartan was the only figure in it, and though he had a sword drawn, he was neither attacking nor defending anything. No message or story in the simple, unadorned shoebox.

I had pretty much forgotten that diorama until I came across the work of Lori Nix. She is a photographer who creates beautiful dioramas and photographs them. The detail and amount of work that must go into each of her pieces is staggering. I particularly like her series, The City. See more of her work here.

I’m glad I chose other mediums to express myself, as Lori’s work would leave me wishing my diorama skills were as great as hers 🙂