Illustrations by Aled Lewis

Illustrations by Aled Lewis


Set of Two Art Blocks – Gifts for the ‘rents

You know you can always count on me, right? I’m looking out for ya.

This year, I’ve made your Mother’s Day Gift and Father’s Day Gift shopping easier by combining two of my By Order of the Management Signs into this easy to get set of two signs! Also available as prints (6″x10″) and as matted prints (to fit 8″x10″).

Only about two weeks left to get these in time for Mother’s Day.

Set of Two Go Ask Your Father Go Ask Your Mother by johnwgolden

And so, another sale ends… soon

I’ve been saying for days that the current 25% off sale will be ending in the next few days. I have kept it going to allow the many folks who have contacted me about taking advantage of the savings but have not yet been able to do so. If you are thinking of getting that deal, act quickly :). I’m planning to wrap it up tomorrow, but may need to run it through the weekend for the few folks still looking to buy.

City Blocks Five Boroughs Neutral Edition Art by johnwgolden

Mini Robot Art Sets are back!

I am bringing back my little friends for a limited time! Limited because they are pretty time consuming, and if I am not really careful, I get way behind on them. So, for now, they are available 🙂 Not sure their availability will last until Father’s Day, but I think they would make a great Father’s Day Gift for that robot loving dad in your life.

Mini Robot Art Block Set of 8 by johnwgolden on Etsy