Inspired by Old Signs Again – The Available Here Series

Those of you of a certain age will remember seeing the word Sundries on the side of drugstores and Five and Dimes. I remember the moment I first noticed the word and asked and learned what it meant. It’s definitely one of those words that speaks to me of another time and place.

Years later, I came across an old sign hanging in a general store that listed some of the many things “Available Here”. I thought it quaint how words like Toothpastes were pluralized, and that put me in mind of another earlier time when things were made by hand by single-makers. I don’t remember any of the other words that were on that original late 1800s-era sign, but the seed of inspiration for a new, more subtle option for suggesting optimum use of the family bathroom was planted.

Source: Available Here Bathroom Sign Bathroom Decor Wall by johnwgolden


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