Best laid plans…














Hello friends!

Did not get to do any posts since Mother’s Day, so nothing was posted about the great Father’s Day Gifts I can make for you. Next year for sure!

We had a slight detour following Easter. We found out that our youngest daughter has Type 1 Diabetes. She is doing great now and really seems to have a handle on this new normal. Turns out trips to the hospital can come with some nasty respiratory bugs, and I brought home the nastiest I have known in years. I faced down a 104.1 fever several times and about 10 days of downtime.

With all the excitement, there was a lot of waiting for orders by the most patient and understanding customers ever. I really appreciate everyone allowing me this time to get my family back on the right track to health. We have learned a lot about challenges and crises from a 9-year old that we have never doubted would teach us a lot about life. Thanks to everyone who was made a part of this journey, whether you knew it or not.

There are still a few orders lingering, but most orders are now shipping in the estimated time with no future foreseeable delays.


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