New! The Celebrated Series!

Happy New Year! Hope your celebrations were joyous!

With all the celebrating we have just done, it seems the appropriate time to release my newest series, the Celebrated Series.

Who do you know who you would like to celebrate and what is it they do that you wish they knew you value and appreciate so much? I’d love to read your answers in the comments!

It seems like we all know someone these days that makes something. While the number of makers seems to have increased in recent years, I propose that many of us have always had someone in our life who creates something that makes or made us happy.

Whether it is your grandmother’s cinnamon rolls or the bedtime stories your spouse tells your small fry, I bet someone in your life engages in small acts of creativity on a daily basis.

The Celebrated Series are personalize-able pieces in which your can show your love and appreciation of other’s talents and creativity or the little things they do for you and others. Each is personalized with your celebrant’s last name and talent or skill, etc. in the style of old signs that artisans and family businesses would have used to encourage people to ask for their goods.


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