Change in Plans! Vacation still on, but the Etsy shop will stay open. And you can buy at a discount!

In the run-up to my first extended family vacation in 7 years on Etsy (or ever for that matter), I did a lot of research about how other sellers have used the Vacation Mode on Etsy and whether or not it would be a good idea to pull my shop offline for a few weeks.

Originally, I thought I would shut the shop down for a bit. But as I got more info on best practices and such, I am now of a mind to keep the shop open, and just do my best to let folks know that there will be a delay in shipping before they place an order.

Due to an awesome bulk editor for Etsy called BETSI, I can update all my listings with info about the delay and also with a special coupon code for a sale I will be having to thank folks for their patience. It would not be possible without this app.

I don’t run sales anymore, and won’t be doing another one this year, so this will be the best time all year to buy some of my work. Coupon Code is SUMMER and it will get you 20% off your entire order as a thank you for your patience.

Anyone who placed an order before 11:59pm on June 15th will get their order shipped before I exit the studio on the 20th.

Whimsical Art The Enlightened Fireflies Firefly by johnwgolden.


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