The one in which the dying Etsy Shop didn’t go belly-up – 7 Years on Etsy Part 2

Continued from previous post…

When the moment came that I stumbled upon that tiny little piece of someone’s shared wisdom, I did not know it. It took applying that knowledge to the another little bit of knowledge, which led to me putting pieces together. Every once in a while an idea sprang up as my understanding grew.

An old Etsy friend and I began talking, which led to a day’s discussion of how to become more visible on Etsy again. I shared what I knew, she shared what I knew. Explaining concepts to her helped me to understand and apply them better. Through helping someone else understand these ideas, I was increasing my own understanding.

And then something amazing happened. After spending an entire day doing nothing but focusing on helping someone else understand what I just beginning to understand myself, the following day I had my best day on Etsy in all my 6+ years selling there. And not just by a little. It was better than one particular month I had on Etsy in 2012.

Was it because I helped someone else toward their success? Was it that I suddenly understood this new way of handling listings that had escaped me for so long? Who knows for sure, but I like to think it was a little of both. I am a firm believer that you get back what you put out there, and that if you want success to come to you, you have to embrace and encourage it wherever you find it. At least put up no barriers to success.

Regardless of whether is was good karma or just happy coincidence, it would not have happened if the Etsy shop was not beginning to gain traction again.

So, at the end of 2012, I finally started to effectively correct the course of my Etsy shop, and the listing and shop views and sales have begun a climb back to normalcy. It was a monumental task, but I have begun to clean up what I realized was my mess. The thing about tweaking tags, listings, etc. and testing the effectiveness of your changes is that it is ongoing. It never ends. And it is very complicated.

I am working now on a way to help sellers understand what I now understand, even if it is just a little tidbit of info that sparks the very tiniest grasp of the ideas I have learned these last 6 months. I will share here when I feel like I can explain it đŸ™‚

Clean Up Your Mess Print 6 in x 10 in Playroom Art by johnwgolden.


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