7 Years and 13,428 sales later, Part One – Getting Away From It


Coming up on 7 years on Etsy at the end of July. Time flies. There comes a point where one stops reflecting so much, but it seems appropriate as another Etsyversary approaches. Thought maybe I would share some little snippets of, er, wisdom or whatnot.

“Getting away from it”

Summer seems to always bring with it (for me, anyway) an urge to start taking breaks from the round the clock merry-go-round that I am fortunate to call an online art business. If one wants to put in 16-hour days, it is often easy to find plenty to keep you busy.

I have found that it is important to regularly (as possible) step back and let the work one is doing carry itself for a bit. All that focus on getting one’s work out to the masses wears one down. I have also found that the moment I turn my attention elsewhere is when some of the things I have been doing to keep the business alive and growing often kick in. As much as it may feel like constant prodding of one’s facebook, blog and online sales outlets will eventually generate sales, I find that a break from all that helps me maintain some enthusiasm for the process. Maybe on some level, it reinforces one’s confidence that all the work will someday pay off.

Since I have not had more than a few days of break time since launching my Etsy store almost 7 years ago, in about 3 weeks, I am going to take a month off. I’ll keep the shop open as long as possible before putting it in vacation mode. I am considering putting it back in live mode a week or two before my return though I am getting a lot of lobbying from the family to have a completely business free vacation 🙂 That would be nice, but something tells me I’ll want to stir the pot from time to time and make sure the work is, in fact, carrying itself.

So… Today’s wisdom and all that – Work hard. But sometimes don’t. Allow your work to pay off from time to time by stepping back and putting your attention elsewhere.

Freshwater Fish Art Series Medium Art Block Brook by johnwgolden.


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