Put a word on it…

Control or Right click image to download to your computer. Image ©2012 John W. Golden. You have permission to download and print image as long as you attribute image to John W. Golden. You do not have permission to resell image in any form.

Maybe you saw the brilliant “Put a Bird On It” bit on last season’s Portlandia. If not, click here.

As an Etsy seller for the last five years, and with quite a few bird-themed pieces myself, I found the spot hilarious. I know the spot (and show) is a loving parody of Portland, but it certainly appeals to a lot of us non-Portlandians on Etsy also, I think.

Another prevalent theme or genre on Etsy is typographic art. I have certainly done my part to contribute to the canon of word-based art you can find there 🙂 I would put forth that there are now more words than birds on Etsy, so, in the spirit of Put a Bird On It, I offer you Put a Word On It. A free download-able printable for you to enjoy. It’s 8″ x 10″, 150 dpi, so most modern inkjet printers should produce a nice print.

I’m happy for you to share this file or the link to this post as long as attribute the image to me. You have my permission to download and print this image, but not to resell the image in any form.

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