One sale over, another begins…



With the Black Friday and Cyber Moday deals behind us, it’s time to settle in for the long haul towards Dec. 20th. That’s my domestic shipping cut-off date for the holidays.

Every year, I try to have a good sale so that folks who have supported me all year long, waited for their orders and generally made this working artist thing possible for another year can get a break on holiday spending. Of course, we still want you to spend 🙂

This year’s sale is a Buy Now, Save More sale. For 5 days, the discount will be 20%, the next 5 days it drops to 15%, and then for the last 10 days of the sale, the discount will be 10%.

So, it would behoove one to buy early, and save more. That’s right. I said behoove.

I have lots of small goodies and sets this year that will allow you to buy something special while still staying under those “less than $10” gift-buying restrictions.

Sale prices are already reflected in the listing prices, and if you happen to have an active coupon code, that percentage will be deducted from the reduced price.

Art Blocks & more by John W Golden Digital Artist by johnwgolden.


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