It’s all good in the hoods…

Last year I released my Five Boroughs (NYC) City Block set, with the intention of eventually broadening the idea to other cities. The problem with that is there just aren’t a lot of cities that are conveniently divided in to 5 boroughs or community areas.

I have always loved neighborhoods, both for the sense of the community they generate and for the names we make for them. So, with five-sectioned cities so hard to find, it wasn’t much of a jump to the thing that most cities do have in common: Neighborhoods.

Not straying too far from my original idea, I have started the Hoods on Wood Series with a Brooklyn set. The other boroughs will follow soon. A DC set is available, and Chicago is not far behind. Boston, Atlanta, Philly and Baltimore, etc. will all eventually be available as sets. Portland (Oregon), San Fran and other west coast cities will follow also.

Until I get all those other cities done (and also to make this available for any city) I have a set available in which you specify the city. All sets are created when the buyer specifies the desired neighborhoods, so if you do not see the ones you want, just ask.

The original Five Boroughs sets have been purchased by folks living in the boroughs, those living elsewhere and missing the boroughs and given as gifts to those who have left the boroughs. It is extremely gratifying to have something I created serve as a little reminder of home for others.

Brooklyn Hoods on Wood Five Art Block Set Pick by johnwgolden.


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