My Birds on Garnet Hill Bedding!

My wife was flipping through the latest Garnet Hill Kids catalog last night and found these! A while back, the folks at Garnet Hill contacted me about getting my artwork on kids sheets. Their artists worked with my collage bird images to create bedding and more for their Fall line. I’ll be sharing some other pieces later.

Feathered Friends Percale Bedding – Garnet Hill.


7 thoughts on “My Birds on Garnet Hill Bedding!

  1. Well, that’s just wonderful! I love those birdies – they are so cheerful and full of colour!
    Congratulations, John. I hope they sell loads… then your art will take over the world (or at least, some of the bedrooms in the world!).

  2. John – I love your art. We bought my daughter these sheets from Garnet Hill and now they are gone! Alas! I really wanted to buy another set. Do you know if they have any plans to bring them back? She loves them. I’ll have to bop over to your etsy store adn get her some birdie art to go with them.

    keep up the creative and inspiring work!

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